As a member of Release the WEight, you'll experience a transformation that goes beyond the numbers on the scale. Our members find freedom from losing excess weight, conquering food obsession, and, most importantly, embracing self-love. 

It's a journey that leads to a happier, healthier, and more confident you.

For many women, especially those over 50, the journey towards lasting transformation can be an uphill battle. The struggles are multifaceted, encompassing not only the desire to shed excess weight but also the constant chatter about food, cravings that seem insurmountable, and a never-ending battle with self-doubt. 

The scale often becomes a harsh judge of self-worth, and societal beauty standards can feel overwhelming. The emotional weight of these struggles can be just as heavy as the physical. 

It's a complex web of challenges that can leave you feeling trapped and overwhelmed. But there is hope, and I’m here to guide you toward a brighter, more joyful life.


I wanted to share how being a part of Cindy’s group has improved the quality of my life. Before joining the group and the weekly calls, I felt so isolated. Life was  passing me up. I was just going through the motions accepting whatever happened. My confidence had plummeted. I wasn’t truly living the life I wanted or desired. 

I began practicing with the multitude of tools Cindy offers and participating in the weekly calls. I am excited to say, I have delved deeper to find “My Why” and have the freedom and the energy to live the life I desire and deserve. I am continuing to seek growth & knowledge, lasting pleasure and to embrace the unknown. 

Cindy has been instrumental in my growth. She has a strong desire for sharing her experience and knowledge. Cindy genuinely loves to help others. I have been truly blessed to have Cindy as a life coach.

 Barbara Mason


Cindy Norsworthy

I've walked the same path you're on now. Struggling with food issues since my teens, I've experienced the ups and downs of diets and emotional eating. But here's the good news: I've found a way through it. Now, in my 60s, I'm living with a sense of freedom and joy in my relationship with food, with myself and with others. And I'm here to guide you to do the same!


Imagine living a life where every day feels like a dream come true. 

Picture waking up in the morning feeling confident and loving every inch of your body. Not only do you shed excess weight, but gone are the days of food controlling your every thought. Instead, you savor every bite of your favorite foods without a hint of guilt, and you intuitively know exactly what your body needs.

Guilt and anxiety around food? They're simply distant memories. You face each day with renewed self-love and a mindset that's as vibrant as your life. Challenges become opportunities for growth, and you have a supportive community to share your journey with. Your relationship with food is transformed into one of joy and self-compassion, free from judgment and self-doubt.

This life is within your reach! Release The WEight is a community to guide you toward lasting transformation. Get ready to say goodbye to the old struggles and embrace a life filled with self-love, confidence, and the freedom to enjoy every moment.

I never had that pause. I followed every impulse with an immediate reaction. Through Cindy's coaching, I'm developing that pause muscle. Learning about my saboteurs and sage in this system has heightened my awareness. This has made all the difference in the world in my journey and my responses to those around me. I'm still learning and growing, but I really like who I am becoming.


What's Included In The Membership

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Join us every week for live Zoom calls where we dive deep into our monthly topics. Choose from multiple time slots to suit your schedule. These calls provide a platform for personal guidance, motivation, and education.

Monthly Topic Exploration

Our program covers a wide range of topics throughout the year, from understanding your relationship with food to exploring self-compassion and much more. Each month brings new insights and strategies.

Book Reading Sessions

Dive into the world of personal growth and transformation with our weekly book reading sessions. We're currently exploring "The Gift of Our Compulsions" and other inspiring titles.

Food Support Calls

In the second week of every month, we offer an open coaching session focused on food-related topics. Get guidance on creating a food plan that works for you and tackle any food-related issues or struggles.

Connection Calls

Join us in the fourth week of each month for open discussions and coaching around various topics. The day and time vary to accommodate everyone's needs.

Foundations Videos

Access a growing library of foundational videos designed to help you understand and practice essential tools and teachings. These videos provide a solid grounding in the principles of Release The WEight.

Mindset Transformation

Learn to reframe your thoughts, understand your brain's motivational triad, and discover the power of self-compassion. Dive deep into thought work, the Model, holding space, and other transformational concepts.

Personal Growth and Connection

Our program is not just about weight loss; it's about holistic personal growth and finding a supportive community. Connect with others, build relationships, and grow together.

Weekly Membership Email

Stay updated with our weekly membership email, which includes the weekly calendar and buddy assignments. This keeps you engaged and connected throughout the program.

All Calls Are Recorded

Can't make it to a live session? No worries! All Zoom calls are recorded and available in our private Facebook group, allowing you to catch up at your convenience.

Release The WEight offers you the tools, guidance, and support to unlock lasting transformation. It's not just a weight loss program; it's a journey to reclaim your life, embrace self-love, and live your best years yet!

I took the leap of faith and enrolled in Cindy's program. After 12 weeks, I was astonished by the impact this had had on me. It is such a valuable tool as I navigate life with all the ups, downs, and challenges. After 3 more months of this simple and very effective practice, I feel more calm and happy with myself and others. This is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Release The WEight is right for me?

Release The WEight is perfect for you if you're ready to let go of excess weight, conquer food obsession, and embrace a life filled with self-love and joy. If you've been struggling with issues like emotional eating, negative self-talk, and feeling overwhelmed, my program can provide the support and tools you need to transform your life. It will also help you navigate other areas in your life that cause you to run to food to escape, such as people pleasing, realtaionship issues, and challenges with 

What's the commitment for the program, and how long does it last?

The program is a month-to-month commitment. While you'll start seeing the benefits early on, I recommend at least six months for lasting results. The ongoing program ensures continuous support and growth opportunities.

Can I catch up on missed coaching calls?

Absolutely! All my Zoom coaching calls are recorded and posted in our private Facebook group. This allows you to access the content at your convenience, even if you can't attend the live sessions.

Is there a guarantee or assurance for the program?

I offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you find that the program isn't the right fit for you within the first week, I'll refund your payment, no questions asked.

How are the coaching calls structured, and what topics are covered?

My coaching calls cover a wide range of topics throughout the year. I have live Zoom calls on the first and third Mondays to introduce and explore the monthly theme. Additionally, there are food support calls in the second week and connection calls in the fourth week of each month. These calls are a combination of education, personal guidance, and motivation.

Is there a supportive community for program members?

Yes, I believe in the power of community. As a member, you'll have access to my private Facebook group and Facebook Messenger group, where you can connect with fellow participants, share experiences, and find support. You'll also benefit from our buddy system, enhancing accountability and connection.

What qualifications and expertise do you bring to the program?

I've been offering one-on-one support since January 2019 and small group support since November 2019. My coaching approach is rooted in cognitive science, neurobiology, positive psychology, and self-awareness. I'm a Certified PQ Coach™ with expertise in mindset transformation and holistic personal growth. I am also Certified as a Life and Health Coach.

What inspired you to create Release The WEight?

Release The WEight was born out of a desire to provide support, connection, and transformational tools to those struggling with food issues and self-worth. I recognized the power of community and mindset in my own journey and love to share what has helped me with others.

What makes Release The WEight unique?

The program offers small group support with a weekly buddy rotation, monthly handouts, and thoughtful questions to guide your transformation. I focus on holistic personal growth, including mindset transformation, self-compassion, and weight loss. Our community provides a safe space for sharing and connection.

Don't wait another moment to start your journey toward changing your life forever!

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