The art of releasing weight by having your own back

You know in life we all often face challenges that test our resolve, our spirit, and our ability to be able to persevere. I have and still do, and it is important to realize that this is a natural part of life. There is one key lesson that has helped me to have my own back when facing challenges. I learned this lesson about 7 years ago when I decided to try following a food plan that required letting go of sugar and flour. For some many years, (over 40) I was on roller coaster with my weight, starting at age 18 with gaining 15 lbs. in just a few weeks after a breakup with a high school boyfriend. Over the years I probably lost 200+ lbs. total. You see I would have some success losing weight temporarily every few years but within one week to -one year after losing it I would start gaining it right back. This all changed when actually made a decision to CHOOSE to be UNSTOPPABLE.

What does it mean to be Unstoppable?
To be unstoppable doesn’t mean you won’t face obstacles, setbacks, or moments of doubt; rather, it means choosing to push forward despite them. It’s about cultivating an inner strength that propels you forward, no matter what stands in your way.
Being unstoppable is a mindset. It’s a decision to not let external circumstances dictate your progress. It’s about being your biggest advocate and supporter, especially in moments when it seems easier to give up.

The Importance of having your Own Back
Life is so unpredictable, and often feels so hard and there are times when we feel like we are alone in our struggles. In these moments, having your own back becomes crucial, especially in those moments, when it seems easier just to give up. It means being compassionate towards yourself, understanding your journey, and knowing that it’s okay to be a work in progress. To Be Human. Self-support is about building an inner sanctuary of resilience and safety within.

And that is what happened to me when I decided to go on a path to learn how to become sugar and flour free and decided to adopt this way of eating as my lifestyle. Note: Please know this does not mean that I do not have a lot of sweetness in my life. Life has become so sweet in some many new and delightful ways. When I first started, I was just testing the water and dipping my toe and to see whether this is something I could consider trying I took it one day at a time at first. And one of the things that helped me was to adopt an unstoppable mindset was joining with others that were exploring this same path.

In the last 40 years prior, anytime it would get hard, or I would think I was failing or made a mistake I would quit. Quitting on myself, starting over again and again, and looking for another program was the pattern I followed for too many years.

Strategies to Cultivate Unstoppability

Embrace Challenges as Opportunities: Shift your perspective to now seeing challenges and mistakes as an obstacle that is blocking your path and viewing them as steppingstones towards growth.

Develop a Growth Mindset: Believe in your ability to learn and evolve. Practice new thoughts and beliefs that empower you to press forward. A growth mindset turns setbacks into lessons and failures into chances for improvement.

Practice Self-Compassion: Practice being kind to yourself throughout the day and more often during tough times. Remember that making mistakes is part of being human and look for an opportunity to learn and grow when a setback occurs.

Surround Yourself with Positivity: The people and surrounds you choose will greatly impact your energy and outlook. Choose to engage often with supportive communities. Find ways to make your environment a place where you feel comfortable.

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Never Quitting on Yourself

We all have fear and setbacks and obstacles that will come in the way it’s normal and it does not mean that something has gone wrong or that we are not capable of moving forward. As I have learned to just acknowledge the setback be willing to re-commit to move beyond them and to not let them stand in our way of moving forward. We all often are faced with numerous choices to make each day particularly when deciding to follow sugar and flour free lifestyle day. Something changes inside when you make a conscious decision and choice to CHOOSE to be UNSTOPPABLE.
I have never had a perfect program. I am NOT perfect. But I never quit on myself and every day I commit to follow my plan for the day. I want to share with you that a big part of this decision was to be open and willing to get support. I have learned that I need weekly and often daily support from others. I have had buddies, masterminds, therapist, coaches, teachers, and sponsors along the way. I think one of the keys is when I realized that connection with others was vital and I begin to open up to these various ways of connecting with other.
I have come to believe that we can we only become UNSTOPPABLE TOGETHER.

Do you have a desire to become UNSTOPPABLE? Join me on this journey, please share your experiences and you have learned to have your own back in the comments below. Let’s inspire each other to be our best selves and to live our best lives unyielding and unafraid. We become UNSTOPPABLE together!

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