Hi, I'm Cindy Norsworthy

I empower women to release excess weight, overcome food-related struggles, and embrace a journey of personal growth of freedom and truth.

I've Walked In Your Shoes

Every day, I see incredible women struggling with not just the number on the scale but the weight of their thoughts and emotions. It's this constant juggle between wanting to feel good in their skin and battling the guilt and frustration that often comes with eating. 

They face the mirror with a mix of hope and self-criticism, go through the motions of diets that feel more like a trap than a solution, and struggle to find that sweet spot where food becomes a friend, not an enemy.

I get it, because I've lived it.

It's not just about releasing excess weight; it's about finding a way to navigate life without food being your biggest stressor. It's about creating a life where you feel connected to your body in a way that's joyful, not judgmental.  And that's what I'm here to help you achieve. But, first, let me tell you a little bit about me and my story...

Like Many, I Struggled With My Weight For Years

My journey with gaining weight and poor self-image started in my teens. It was more than just about the numbers on the scale; it was an emotional tug-of-war. I remember those moments of feeling lost in my own skin, turning to food for comfort while simultaneously battling feelings of guilt and unworthiness. I tried every diet you can imagine, hoping to find that one magic solution. But it always felt like I was trapped in an endless cycle, where food was both my comfort and my adversary.

This struggle with my weight and self-esteem often led to some desperate and embarrassing moments. One memory I recall vividly was when I was a teenager visiting my older sister's house. I was craving something sweet and couldn't find anything to curb my sweet tooth so I resorted to eating orange baby aspirin! It's bizarre to think about that now, but back then, it was a testament to how deeply my relationship with food was troubled. This incident wasn't just about an odd choice; it highlighted my compulsive eating habits and the emotional turmoil that fueled them.

Then Things Began To Change

The real change began with a profound moment of self-realization. It wasn't a sudden transformation but more of a gradual awakening. I started to see that the diets and the constant battle with food weren't addressing the real issue - my relationship with myself. It was a journey that went beyond dieting and into my heart and mind. I began to explore why I turned to food for comfort, what triggered my overeating, and how I could address these issues in a healthier, more self-compassionate way. This journey of understanding and healing wasn't easy, but it began a new chapter where I started to make peace with food and, most importantly, with how I talked to and treated myself. 

If you're finding yourself coming to a similar realization, know that you're not alone. Let's chat about it. This journey, while unique to each of us, often shares common ground, and having someone to talk to who truly understands can make all the difference.

I am a grateful member of Cindy's group and the wife of a grateful and happy husband. I have worked with Cindy as my coach for five months. Cindy is a breath of fresh air. She readily shares her compassion, humor, kindness, knowledge, and personal growth. She leads by example through the strength of honesty and vulnerability. She consistently creates a safe, confidential, and respectful space for our practice group, sharing fascinating ideas we can use in everyday life, and also asks for our input. Cindy is both a mentor and a valued group member. 


Celebrating Connection And Community Support

Transforming my life wasn't just about losing weight; it was about gaining a whole new perspective. I've celebrated incredible milestones, from overcoming my own food obsessions to finding joy in every bite and every reflection in the mirror. Celebrating each small victory has been key to my journey, and it's a practice I cherish deeply.

In my community, I've fostered an environment where connection is at the heart of everything we do. We're not just on individual paths; we're on this journey together, supporting, cheering, and lifting each other up. This approach creates a safe, nurturing space where members feel seen, heard, and valued.

And guess what? I can help you too! If you're ready to change your story, to celebrate your own victories, and connect with a community that gets it, I'm here to guide you.

I am the happy husband of one of Cindy's participants. I have found my wife to be happier, more centered, and able to take life on life's terms. She seems calmer throughout the day and accepts the blessings around her. What she has been learning has been affecting our relationship in a positive way.


The Values That Fuel Transformation

At the heart of our journey together lie three guiding principles that will shape your transformation. These core values—Freedom, Truth, and Growth - serve as the compass to lasting change and a life filled with self-love, confidence, and fulfillment.


At the core of our journey is the value of Freedom. This means breaking free from food obsessions and restrictive mindsets, allowing you to live a life where choices around food and health are empowering and joyful.


Embracing Truth involves uncovering and challenging the deep-seated beliefs and narratives we hold about ourselves and our eating habits. This honest introspection paves the way for genuine transformation.


Growth is about continuous personal development and self-improvement. It's a commitment to evolving, learning, and expanding one's understanding of health, wellness, and self-care to grow not just physically, but emotionally.


Step Into A Life Of Confidence And Freedom

Are you ready to kickstart your transformation journey? Let's take that first step together. Schedule a Clarity Call with me and unlock the power to shed excess weight, conquer food obsession, silence negative self-talk, and embrace the vibrant, confident life you deserve.

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