I help women Release the weight, conquer food obsession, and overcome negative self-talk

Shed excess weight, foster a positive body image, break the cycle of self-sabotage, and live confidently in a body you are comfortable in.

The Emotional Side Of Releasing excess Weight

Have you ever found yourself wondering why, despite your best efforts, the journey to releasing excess weight feels like an endless battle, not just with your body, but with your emotions and thoughts? You're not alone. Many women face this internal battle, feeling inadequate, harshly criticizing themselves in the mirror, feeling lonely even in moments of indulgence, and carrying guilt that lingers long after. This isn't merely about body challenges; it's a profound battle of the heart and mind. Weight often becomes an emotional journey tied to a deep longing for acceptance, a quest for self-love, and a yearning for inner peace.

This journey of emotions and struggles doesn't have to be your forever story. There's a brighter, more empowering path waiting for you. A path where the rollercoaster of heart and mind finds a gentle stop, where balance and peace replace the turmoil. You are absolutely deserving of a relationship with food and yourself that's built on kindness, understanding, and genuine happiness. Let me help you turn the page and start a new chapter where your story is rewritten with hope, joy, and a renewed sense of self-love!


I'm Cindy Norsworthy

My journey with weight and food has been a rollercoaster of emotions and discoveries. It all started around age 18, but honestly, my food issues began even earlier. I remember being a teen, craving something sweet so badly I ended up eating orange baby aspirin at my sister’s house!

My struggles took an even deeper dive after a tough breakup. I felt unworthy, and food became my comfort, my escape. I tried every diet out there – grapefruit, cabbage soup, Weight Watchers – you name it, I tried it. But it was more than just diets; I was dealing with emotional eating. Every stressful moment resulted in me gaining even more weight.

Yes, I lost weight several times, but it always felt temporary, like being on a never-ending ride. It wasn’t until I discovered Brightline Eating and the wonderful guidance of Susan that I truly understood my challenges. It was an epiphany – recognizing and accepting my food issues, which allowed me to finally 'Release The Weight,' the name I proudly gave to my own program.

For me, it was about breaking free from the chains of food obsession, self-sabotage, negative self-talk, and deep-seated guilt and shame. It was about reconnecting with myself and letting go of perfectionism, and the grief of regret. And you know what? I did it! I hit my early high school weight and maintained it well into my 60s!

Now, I’m here to share all I’ve learned and help you on your journey to a happier, healthier you.


Cindy's group has guided me to reap the benefits of being present and enjoy life.  I learned to accept myself and take a look at how I was living.  I was able to let go of the habits and thoughts that were not serving me for my highest good.  Building connections and sharing with others in the group has helped me to be my best self.

Judy Williams

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This Journey Isn't Something You Have To Do Alone

During your Clarity Call, we'll work together to uncover the 15+ essential tools you need to release weight, stop obsessing over food, silence negative self-talk, halt self-sabotage, and heal from shame and guilt.